The New DAF Scale

Welcome to the all-new DAF Scale website. Below are some new and exciting features we added to the DAF Scale to better help you know when the weather will be good to sealcoat or stripe.

The DAF Scale is optimised for mobile devices so you can check the weather for sealcoating or stripingResponsive Layout

The new DAF Scale site is what we call a responsive design. This means that we use the same website for desktop screens and mobile devices instead of creating an entire new site for mobile devices. The site now responds to the device you are using. Whether on a desktop computer in the office, a tablet or phone in the field, you can still view the DAF Scale weather report for your area, even at the job site. When viewing this site on a mobile device, you no longer have to zoom in and out to view the reports. We did the work for you.

New DAF Report

The new DAF reporting shows you the current conditions for your location first. Under the current conditions is a bar graph that displays the DAF reports for the next 36 hours, at 2 hour intervals. The 36 hour report begins at the nearest hour from the time you check the DAF Scale. If you check it at 10:45am, the 36 hour report will start at 11:00am and go out 36 hours. The light grey background in the graph indicates a change in the day. The next day's date will be shown at the top of the chart below the times.

DAF Scale 12 Hour Report
There are no other pages to visit to get the forecast reports. Simply click on the 3 buttons above the graph to scroll through the 36 hour report at that will display each 12 hour increments.

DAF Scale Detail Reports
To view specific details for a certain time, hover over that bar with your cursor (tap on mobile devices) and the details for that time will be displayed under the graph.

Rain Indicator

If there is a chance for rain with in the report time-frame, that specific bar will have the rain chance indicated by an image in the bar and in the colored box behind the score in the details for that time. Here is a breakdown of what each image represents.
15% Chance of Rain 15 - 34% chance of rain
35% Chance of Rain 35 - 74% chance of rain
75% Chance of Rain 75% + chance of rain

We hope you enjoy your experience using the new DAF Scale to help your company know weather for sealcoating and striping and determine when to sealcoat or stripe based on the weather. If you have any issues, new ideas, or just a comment on how the DAF Scale has helped your company, please don't hesitate to contact us!