Know WEATHER to Sealcoat or Stripe

What is the DAF Scale?

With an industry that depends so heavily on multiple weather factors, we realized the need for a helpful tool in determining the optimal weather conditions to apply sealers and paints. With the help of industry and weather experts we successfully created what has become known as the DAF Scale.

The DAF Scale tracks weather data points including humidity, temperature, cloud cover, and wind speedThe DAF Scale is the industry's only weather based sealer and paint application indicator scale. The DAF Scale tracks locally forecasted weather points to assist contractors in determining the best days and times to apply sealer and paint.

Don't get washed out during pavement repair, maintenance or stripingThe DAF Scale is the industry's first system that tracks locally forecasted weather data points including humidity, temperature, cloud cover and wind speed to produce an accurate and reliable reading. The scale uses a proprietary formula that measures the conditions in two hour increments starting from the closest hour that you check the DAF Scale. The formulation produces a simplified color coded rating scale of one to ten for each time increment. The scale is helpful throughout all seasons, and by using the DAF you can significantly increase your production while decreasing your losses. Enter your 5 digit Zip Code at the top of the page to see when the weather will be best to sealcoat or stripe!

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